About us

The story behind the brand is about a fluffy furbaby that came into my life in 2017. Her name is 豆豆 Tau Tau, which means "little bean." A good friend gave her the nickname "Fluffy Bean." And so, the name was born for my own business, which I have finally started.

I worked with children until I quit my job and started a non-profit organization for children. To support myself and fund this organization, I decided to launch my own cookie business, with the support of a good friend. I am the cookie chef, and she handles socials, the website, and customer service.

Aside from my fluff, I love to bake cookies, Matcha, and travel, especially to Asian countries. These trips have inspired me to incorporate different Asian flavors into my baking. Together with my fluff, we strive to deliver the most delicious Levain-inspired cookies with an Asian twist.

And don't worry, my little fluff won't be in the kitchen. She is the CEO of Fluffy Bean Cookie, and she's practicing the skill of napping 😂 while I'm baking.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Taz & Tau